Welcome to the AI/ML API!

Overview of the API

AI/ML API provides a suite of powerful AI functionalities, including text completion, image inference, speech to text, and text to speech. Our API ensures effortless integration, robust performance, and secure API key management.

Key Features

  • Inference: Easily evaluate models for text, images, and more.

  • API Key Management: Securely manage your API keys.

  • Broad Model Selection: Access a diverse range of models for various AI tasks.

Getting Started

To start using the AI/ML API, follow the Quickstart guide to set up your environment and make your first API call.


API Key Management

To use the AI/ML API, you need an API key. Generate and manage your API keys from your account dashboard.

Example of Authentication

Include your API key in the Authorization header as a Bearer token:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY

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