Models comparsion

Use the API to list all available models and compare their responses.

The API used in this example is listed here.


For example, you can send requests to two random models and compare the results:

const { OpenAI } = require('openai');
const { Axios } = require('axios');
const main = async () => {
  const BASE_URL = '{{baseUrl}}';
  const API_TOKEN = '{{token}}';
  const axios = new Axios({
    headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${API_TOKEN}` },
    baseURL: BASE_URL,
  const openai = new OpenAI({ baseURL: BASE_URL, apiKey: API_TOKEN });
  const vendorByModel = await axios.get('/models').then((res) => JSON.parse(;
  const models = Object.keys(vendorByModel);
  const shuffledModels = [...models].sort(() => Math.round(Math.random()));
  const selectedModels = shuffledModels.slice(0, 2);
  const systemPrompt = `You are an AI assistant that only responds with jokes.`;
  const userPrompt = `Why is the sky blue?`;
  for (const model of selectedModels) {
    const completion = await{
      messages: [
        { role: 'system', content: systemPrompt },
        { role: 'user', content: userPrompt },
    const message = completion.choices[0].message.content;
    console.log(`--- ${model} ---`);
    console.log(`USER: ${userPrompt}`);
    console.log(`AI  : ${message}`);

Will return something like this:

--- zero-one-ai/Yi-34B-Chat ---
USER: Why is the sky blue?
AI  : Why is the sky blue? Because it's full of blueberries!
--- allenai/OLMo-7B-Instruct ---
USER: Why is the sky blue?
AI  : Because the white sun beams enter the blue Earth's atmosphere and get dispersed, resulting in the beautiful color we call "sky blue." It's like looking at paint being blown on a canvas by the wind! Just a joke, but the real answer is physics. 😎

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